The Golden Demon Compendium

It unfortunately looks like Demon Winner is gone. I’ve tried my best to find out who had access and what happened but with no luck. Its DNS entries are now expunged also.

With that said, all of the data is safe. It took me 12+ months but I did manage to back up pretty much everything (I still had about 30% of the images to backup but with the data I have it will be easier to find them again) and over the last 5 years I have corrected, update, improved on the data that was available and taken images of old entries myself.

Plans are in motion to create a new and improved site for all to enjoy! It will have everything we loved about DemonWinner and more. Stats, improved image viewing, discussions, information submission, guest articles etc

The site will launch when there is enough data prepared and viewable. Custom code is being written to speed up the process but this will not be a quick endeavour.

While all that is going on, let me know what features you might wan see and I’ll see if I can implement them.

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