Oi ya ‘umies! it’s ‘da bestest month is nearly here, orktober! And I want ta see some propa orks…! ‘der be shiniez ‘n it for ya! WAAAGH!!

It’s just about the month of the Greenskins and we had best celebrate or the Big Boss will be after you! I have 3x £25 digital vouchers up for grabs that will go to the best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drawing/Illustration!

  • Sc-Fi – Evil Sunz? Deathskullz? Snakebites? Bring anything 40k or Sci-fi.
  • Fantasy – Orruks but which one? Will you go for the new Kruleboyz or a Brute? Anything Sigmar or Fantasy Orcs!
  • Drawings/Illustration – Not into painting? Bring your best pencil (or photoshop) and sketch out whatever Ork/Orc related theme you want!

Be sure to post the start of your project in October with the HashTag #orktober2021challenge so I can follow along and then once you are done post the finished work before the end of October and with #orktober2021challenge and tag me. I’ll pick one for each category that I think is awesome and propa Orky! And remember to be following this account!

Now get work’n ‘umies or i’ll thump ya!

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