The Results! #orktober2021challenge

The #orktober2021challenge has been incredible, the entries have been awesome to see come together! Here are the results!

Category 1 – SCI-FI:

There has been SO many awesome entries for this Category!

The winner for this category is – Rodrigo Lucas (@rodni_salmorejo) with their incredible Ork Storm Boyz! It’s very thematic and fits perfect with that Orky imagery!

Rodrigo, please contact me for the prize!

Commended Entries:
Jon Dye (@jondye.png)
Sascha Herm (@saschaherm)
Sion Scannell (@emperors_paintbrush)
Mattias (@midtoneminis)

Category 2 – Fantasy:

This was incredible tough to pick, there are some incredible entries!

The winner for this category is – Beata Bogacz (@mb_shizune) with their incredible Orruk Megaboss! A colour scheme I have not seen before and incredibly well executed!

Commended Entries:
Michael Thomas (@mikethomas_paints)
Jonathan (@jonathandevosart

Category 3 – Drawing/Illustration:

I was very excited to see what came out of this category and there have been some stunners!

The winner for this category is – Zen (@edgy_zenn) with this awesome piece! Super colourful and stylistic and propa Orky! (I’ll let the dead Blood Angel go, even though they would clearly of won…. 😅)

Commended Entries:
Ed Perryer (@edperryer)
Stepan Makarov (@s_makarow)
Ollier Thibault (@thibaultolliertibz)
lars Mortensen (@lars.bidstrup.mortensen)
Galapalus Silvestris (@galapalo)

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