Golden Demon – 1987 – 2021

Today is Golden Demon Day, on this day 27th June 1987 the first Golden Demon Awards final took place at the Victoria Leisure Centre in Nottingham with over £3,000 in prizes to be won.

Organised by John Blanche and Andy Jones the day was filled with demos pods from ‘Eavy Metal, Warhammer demonstration and trade stands. You could also see your favourite artists doodle live from John Blanche, Ian Miller, David Gallagher and more!

Since then 34 years have passed and Golden Demon has travelled the world, with hundreds of shows, thousands of Demons awarded and many coveted Slayers Swords lofted!

Golden Demon has been held 170 times, in 11 countries. In that time 5,754 Demons have been awarded to 1,950 individual artists and 170 swords lifted by 108 people.

Of the 5,754 Demons awarded, 64 live with Angelo Di Chello! That is quite a few and just over 1% of all Demons!

The first Slayer Sword was awarded to Brian Moore in 1987 with his Orc Cheif on Kegox in Dragons and the Sword currently resides with Maxime Penned with his 2019 Dankhold Troggoth! 5 swords live with David Soper!

Sadly 2020 & 2021 has seen no Golden Demons, but with 2022 being the 35th year the next Golden Demon should be the biggest one yet!

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