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COMPENDIUM is a celebration showcasing some of the finest miniature art from incredible artists. The project was initially born out of the want to see these incredible pieces in the highest quality possible, to archive as many past entires as an historical record that needed preserving and to reach as many people who might never have seen these works. This eventually evolved into a fine art book. There really is nothing quite like sitting down and viewing incredible art in a book.

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Working in collaboration with each artist, COMPENDIUM will give the most in depth look into each piece as well as showing each piece in newly captured images at the highest quality available to do visual justice to the art.

Some artists have given an accompanying story behind their pieces, what their ideas where, techniques, inspiration, tools & paints! It really adds to the story of the pieces and gives a great insight into them!


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All new images have been captured, realising the pieces in the highest detail and doing the art justice. Photography sessions have been and continue to be organised with artists that would like their art captured by myself, if that means travelling across the country (and it has) so be it!

Every detail of these pieces will be visible, and as clear and crisp as possible. It will feature multiple angles for a 360° view of the piece. Capturing every little detail is so important. There are so many little things that will be revealed!


Jan 2018

The project was started, this involved creating a more complete database of artists and entries where information was distrubted across the internet, magazines and archived forums

Sept 2018

The first artists are contacted and their images taken. The process of creating the pages begins

March 2019

The COMPENDIUM instagram account is started

May 2019

Warhammer Fest 2019, this gave an oppitunity to capture many images of pices at once. I spent the weekend taking images of old and new pieces that aritsts had kindly bought on the day!

Nov 2019

The first ever Citadel Colour Open Day, I had arranged with multiple people who were attending to take images on the night before the event. It allowed to key images to be taken!

June 2020

COMPENDIUM Volume One was announced to the wider public, pages were continued to be created.

Dec 2020

The final pages were completed and Volume One was finished

Jan 2021

The first Proof Print of Volume One was made and QC checked began to ensure the highest quality of print, finish and content.

Feb 2021

The final QC checks were completed and adjustements made to create the best version the book can be

Kickstarter Launch – TBC

The Kickstarter page has begun creation and the launch date will be announced soon!

Proof Print

The QC of COMPENDIUM: Volume One has been completed. This was an important step in the process to ensure the print is to the highest quality possible, colours are correct, the layout and format of the page works well and is easily viewed.

The QC involved steps such as checking the table of contents and the page titles match, that the page numbers align with the correct pages, any issues with image quality, is the image correctly positioned within the safety area, no important details are on the bleed, page spreads match and align and so on!

An important need was to print on the same GSM paper that the final book will be printed on, this ensures no ink bleeds through to the other side

There were very few tweaks to be made and the one that have been are just a preference rather than an issue!


COMPENDIUM: Volume One will be launched on Kickstarter, this gives the project the best chance of success and is a trusted platform.

Now the QC of the proof print has finished the Kickstarter page is being built and will launch imminently, the date will be announced soon.

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